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Saticöy hail from Ohio, but it was the move to Los Angeles, California that turned their music from hobby to career. The group went public in September 2018, after a 6 month self described “incubation period”, with their debut single Faded from Color. Self-written, self-produced, and self-promoted, the group has maintained a refreshingly unique take on modern indie-pop. Their catchy, pocketed production and relatable lyrics will plant themselves in your head, while their live performances invoke a sense of freedom as they loosen up those familiar records and showcase the band's musical ability.

Recent single "Ménage à Moi" is a celebration of self-love and a reminder that it is increasingly important for us to have good relationships with ourselves.

Four members make up the band:

Derek Long (vocals/guitar) 

Jaron Takach (drums/production)

Tim Greer (keyboards/sax)

Jon Averbook (bass/guitar)


More music coming soon, stay tuned ;)




"Saticöy can be perfectly described as a group of visionary creatives, adding a fresh and interesting spin to Alternative Pop. More than a band, Saticöy is a “collective” focused on creative expression, living their absolute truth as artists, and sharing that message through their passionate music."

"Their mutual desire to create a visionary expression of truth is immediately apparent in each of their tracks, including their 2018 debut single, 'Faded From Color,' which earned them much critical acclaim."

"One thing that continues to inspire us is the realization of just how little time we have. We’ve all worked day jobs that tend to leave us creatively fatigued, but we know if we don’t take advantage of our free time productively, that we will never truly progress."

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