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Saticöy's Electronic Press Kit


Newest Releases

  • Signed a Publishing Deal with Universal Production Music Group

  • Won Best Pop Song at 2021 Hollywood Music in Media Awards for "Icy Boy"

  • Won Best Pop Song and Best Contemporary R&B song at the 2021 Mark Awards

  • Played a sold-out show at The Troubadour (08/19/2019), and a showcase at Capitol Records to celebrate Universal's unveiling of the label "Capitol Studio Masters"

  • Music synced in "Naomi," the MLB World Series, "All American," "Lucifer," "Almost Family," ESL DotA 2, Old Navy, UFC Promos, "Selling Tampa," and more




Saticöy is an American alternative-pop band that dresses a refreshingly nostalgic blend of Pop, Alternative, and R&B with hard-hitting, modern production. Consisting of Derek Long (vocals/guitar), Jaron Takach (drums/production), Tim Greer (keyboard/saxophone), and Jonathan Averbook (bass/guitar), the band dropped their first single "Faded From Color" in 2018, subsequently becoming a Discover Weekly darling. Since then, the group has accumulated over 1.8 million streams across platforms and signed a publishing deal with Universal in July, 2021. Their EP "Crack a Smile" released in May of 2022 to widespread appeal and acclaim.


"Developing a strong and devout grasp of their sound already, Saticöy are quickly becoming one of the standout names on the new music scene of late. With a light and airy direction that merges R&B, pop, and rock influences, expect to hear a lot more from these guys in the near future." -- The Real Ding

"If you look up 'catchy' in the dictionary, a picture of the song 'Crack A Smile' by Saticöy will be there. The song is an indie-pop hit with a catchy vocal performance and a danceable beat. It's got enough commercial appeal to break out on radio stations across the country, but it's also got enough edge to keep it from being too mainstream" -- Top Music

"Nice & Easy is the kind of track that you can just listen to over a cup of tea and work on your screenplay within a coffee shop... I can't recommend this track more." -- Sinusoidal Music

Music Videos

At A Glance

  • Over 1.8 million streams and 38,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

  • Over 2,600 followers on Spotify (up 400 since 'Crack A Smile')

  • 3,340 Instagram followers (blue-checked); 1,030 TikTok followers

  • 500 subscribed on YouTube channel; over 50,000 total views

  • Apple Music stats

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